URL Battle Rap

Word is that smack and Beasely are on the verge of closing a battle between charlie clips and murda mook plus a Goodz the animal vs hitman holla wild card on next years NOME or Summer Madness. It’ll be fire!

Clips and Mook will be battle…didnt Goodz already body Hitman sometime back? 2016/2017 i think?

The battle caused a stir since there came a time when tensions were high between them. There has been alot of talk on a rematch and it elevated when hitman comented negatively when Goodz hit jimz on the face during their battle in rare breeds…as for mook and clips, i hope clips wins. He only has mook and calicoe left coz he’s battled all other vets(except for goodz and dna which he made clear he’ll never)

@admin create a forum for gibberish.


mbona huko shule???

Endelea ku suck dildo zako na uweke mswaki kwa haga

Men, I concur! Sijui mara mook, mara clit! wtf?!

Anzia na hii

This was too much of a body for newbies…ungewapatia ya conceited

Niliona handle ya uliam hapa:)[ATTACH=full]192324[/ATTACH]


Hiyo murda mook anashida. Mook hata uwe na better bars kumshinda bado atakushinda ju he will turn the crowd aganist you. Kama alishinda loaded lux mara ya pili, clips ni nani. For hitman and goodz siezi mind rematch.

Hujaskia last month mook ameonyeshwa vumbi na aye verb…clips ndio king

Sikujua hio battle ilihappen. Acha ata niitafute.

Labda upate highlights ama phone recordings coz they haven’t released the battle. But unaeza ona recap na reviews za champion kwa youtube