Urgent relationship advice guys

So today I have been hanging out with my girl. I happened to use her phone to check for something in her true caller app. It so happened some guy texted her on WhatsApp. "Hi, Niko around your place tupatane " I was not snooping. Read it from the notifications.I just couldn’t avoid it. She later replied “unado nn huko” for me that’s a ferked up reply. We have a very good relationship as far as am concerned and I don’t want a misunderstanding to ruin it. What should I do.I really don’t want to appear as insecure. Am I reading into this too much?
B:Confront her about it.

I don’t think you are ready to be told the truth. Are you?


Nv humbwar wewe, how many times have we said you can never own a woman. Bure kabisa

kunguch haifungiki

Solution is to have multiple women

If you want peace in your relationship, achana na simu ya mpenzio

In relationship,assume you’re blind and deaf, otherwise the truth will kill you…

Huyu sii kunguru

So where is the urgency?

Hii nyoni inadab :D:D:D siet
@introvert hebu kuja kidogo

io ni sms tu…wangu alishika ndume matako nikamtupa Siberia

Try not to be lazy but next time

pia wewe ungeshika hio ndume matako:D

ningeshika ningeenda nayo yote

mshikanyau haukushika nyap?

Guys this is truly serious. Alikuwa amelala and I just left. She has called me 7 times since then and I have not picked up. It hurts but am not looking for any sympathy. I don’t think she is cheating but disrespectful to our relationship. I can’t put up with that. I have gone out of my way for this girl but this is just life.

alitombwa hakutombwa?

simu utachukua tu.wacha dryspell ikushike

nature is funny. the nyoni is practicing a mating dance to impress them gels.