Urgent- position vacant

For a B. Common (Finance) with three years experience. Kindly inbox.

Experience on what?

B.Common ni nini

Fek autocorrect! It is Bachelor of Commerce. Finance option. Sande.


I missed this by a whisker.
Mimi nimesomea B. Con.

 :D:DChoma magneto pole pole saitan!

Saa hii najua inbox imejaa na watu million

:D:D Next time don’t explain the joke.

I see what you did there

it was an accident of typos.

I doubt. Looks intended pun

Sema shosholite

Niite Mrs Shosho…heshima tuu. Kuja kwa box if you like.

A typocident you mean?

hapana haki, when the boss called i quickly typed on the small android gadget. i didn’t notice until i was called out