upwork jobs

Fellow villagers,
I’ve been trying to register to upwork for online jobs but have not been successful. Even after crafting a great sounding proposal and profile, upwork declines my application. Any ktalker out there with experience in online work who can help me hack it?
Help a brother who struggling financially.

Too saturated as of now and too much work to build your profile from scratch, best move is to buy an already established profile uendelee nayo

enda facebook tafuta Frank Otwori he will get your account approved utamlipa 350/=

Thanks. I will.

hata mimi manze nimejaribu but naashinda nikiambiwa vile haiezekani. but asanti sana wacha nitafute huyo msee aniokolee

His phone number 0702902770. Nimeipata huko facebook

leteni feedback ikishakua approved