Sasa what the fuckk is there to censor in the word SEX?
You have a subsection clearly visible ktalk homepage "Sex and Relationships " but you go ahead and put “@” between S and X?
This is bulshit considering we are adults on an anonymous forum:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:
[SIZE=1]@administrator meffi[/SIZE]

I think he trying to tell us to use other words like coitus, fornicate, get laid, hump, shag, bang, bone, nail, pound, which doesn’t make sense coz these are far much worse but anyway ajikaange na mafuta yake

Be creative. Spell it as Seks. Censors won’t get you.

Papaswa manboobs bila kusumbua mraia mapema ii…takataka


Mic check sex sex sex


chunisha sukuma cannot be censored

I can’t write fuck with a u,
I can’t write ferk with er never mind it isn’t an English word.
So for now have to resort to fvck.

Testing 123 fucck


Just be creative when posting expletives or better still use Swa.

Testing 123 sex gay kihi fuck

instead of saying pussy…say vagina or cunt

Hio ni word gani imekuwa censored completely?

Instead of sex, say fumino (from the swahili word fuma, which means shoot with arrows). Lets enter this word into the lexicon.

F E R K.
Alafu unaona administrator vyenye anafurahia kazi yake.

Naona ile village fool Digiriri ilipetition admean hadi neno kihii (yaani k i h i i) ikawa censored pia.

we should revise ktalk lexicon again.