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Naybe you busy bodies (Jubilee) can help me understand

Jubilee busybodies carrying us mangoes… kutubeba maembe


and while at it, watuambie kwanini hii mama inashindwa kukimbia iliwekwaje kwa hii kikosi. Ama ni top marksman?:smiley:

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The 2 issues as per your kionjo uploads look different. With 1 month jail, the Ethiopian clearly is not the killer…maybe some small part in the collabo, illegal immigrant/possession etc.
Ebu soma hiyo story vizuri urudi na facts…nimechoka ku guess


Nimeleft .

You had only one simple task of googling the Daily Nation for the full story

Ethiopian linked to DP Ruto house raid denied bond[/SIZE]
Friday September 29 2017

Ali Elema Wario, linked to an attack on DP William Ruto house, at Milimani Law Court on September 29,2017. He will remain in custody pending the hearing of his case. PHOTO | RICHARD MUNGUTI| NATION MEDIA GROUP

[SIZE=3]In Summary[/SIZE]
[li]Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot said the suspect is a flight risk.[/li][li]Mr Wario however denied the charge of being a member of Al-Shabaab terrorist group.[/li][/ul]

http://www.nation.co.ke/image/view/-/1951494/medRes/593420/-/12ubx6dz/-/General+Image.jpg By RICHARD MUNGUT
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An Ethiopian national alleged to be an accomplice of a man gunned down at the residence of Deputy President William Ruto in July has been denied bond.

Mr Ali Elema Wario, alleged to have been in constant contact with the attacker Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammud, who was killed on July 29 at Ruto’s residence in Sugoi will remain in custody until his case is heard and determined.

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot said the suspect is a flight risk.

Mr Cheruiyot said the harsh penalties that will be imposed on the accused upon conviction is an incentive for him to disappear from the court’s jurisdiction.

He also said the court has taken judicial notice of terror attacks in the country, which left a trail of deaths the latest being the one on Principal Secretary Mariam El Maawy.

The magistrate also said the accused was said to be communicating with his accomplices outside the country and is “a great danger to the public if released.”

The court also fined Mr Wario Sh50,000 or one month jail term for being in Kenya illegally.

Mr Wario pleaded guilty to the charge of breaching the immigration laws by residing at the border town of Moyale within Marsabit County without a valid visa.

He however denied the charge of being a member of Al-Shabaab.

Selective amnesia. Some people. Suffer.

Net ya ofisi ni muhimu sana

We read the story but it’s pointless. Just an illegal immigrant who can’t speak any English getting used for PR by the PR administration.

You wouldn’t recognize shit if it stared you right in the eye coz you wear black leather blinkers.

This fellow looks like Obama-could he be a relative?

badala utuambie what is going on here unaleft.

alleged to be an accomplice… hii thread ifungwe. @admin kuja Na padlock ile kubwa.