Then tell us why octogenarians like Atwoli are still sampling fine specimens … men never hit the wall provided you have money …but a woman can still hit the wall despite having money … this is a post from a bitter feminist


:D:D:D:D Umewahi skia the term “KUANGUSHA MATITI” ?

Hawa wanaumwa bure… nywele tunnyoa number -5 hata tukiwa 18 years old.

Unless meaning ya wall Ili change, beauty Is all about women. A woman after 30 years giving birth to babies Ni shida.a broke mujamaa anaweza oa an 18 year old at 80 years na amzalishe . we are a patriarchal society for the next 800 years.

Men hit the wall but much later than women. A woman will hit the wall and demolish it by 35 but a man will do so at around 55, assuming that all factors are constant

Pesa boss… Mwanamke mzee na pesa au mwanaume mzee na pesa…

For the entire millennium if you want… It’s still vanity.



I said all factors constant. Genes, money, education etc

Donatella ni scarecrow