Upsizing your wheels

Toyota allion upgrade from 15 inch to 17 inch rims and tires 225 45 17 V shaped tires…
I came across this…what are the repucussions??

Looks nice but the tires look like they are for off road and may be noisy on highway.

Incase of accident claims, insurance will high jump you for fitting non factory recommended/ non-compliant tyres.

15 to 17 you might have to change the rims. And if the 17 inches are not low profile is not worth it

Check the door jam. Anything out of that is a gamble with physics.

You can alway re-insure accordingly sir. I get you tho. My pal alirukwa after aweke smoked windscreen kwa nduthi, milioni kadhaa ikakunywa maji ju papers zinasema clear na hakuwaamvia amemodify,he had to refurbish everything killing his re-sale value.

Chassis number? Only after 2019 can allions take r16 205 55 tyres, and then only 2.0 variant. Hiyo 225 tafutia mercedes labda

Tyre ya nini, nunua gari ingine basi. That car looks good in 15. 17 is like forcing

Insurance itakuruka mbaya zaidi,the ride will be very hard na rim damage itaongezeka, stability of the vehicle will drop significantly can even cause an accident and damage to the cars computer and transmission.

Your acceleration will go down and also may get gearbox issues kama ni auto unless the complete diameter of the tyre remains the same as your 15inch ones (yani uweke low profile tyres). Low profile tyres also give you a harsher ride

Fuel consumption changes too. From 12-13KM/L to around 7-8KM/L. Tyre Diameter not withstanding.

How do you draw such conclusions?

I was so specific coz Ive done it to a 2013 Allion15 and a 2010 Fielder 1.5 (both 1NZ engine, Same car different Booty?), Those were the figures i got almost immediately after the tyre size changes. Braking Characteristics also changed, but that’s another topic all together.

Braking got worse?

omba sana usiwai pata accident. hata kama ni punda isitoke nahuko ikubonde. ndio utaju insurance companies sio nyanya yako. other issues about upsizing to unrecommended sizes uta experience mwenyewe. ukitoa hizo rims hakuna talker hapa atakuwa amekushow.

On the contrary, breaking improved tremendously! Especially due to the increase of tyre width.
However with that setup that @Charlow has, chances are his suspension will fail or wear out far too sooner, I hope he updates us on how his tie rods and arm bushes are, and or general Suspension condition in the next 30 days. Please do. Thanks

Low Profile tires are not good for kenyan roads. You will fell all the small bumps and holes. Rough ride