Upside Down Priorities

For a country of Kenya’s sh!thole status should we be going for Microchips and gun factories ama tungeenda route ya farm and construction machinery kwanza. Si Ouru ange ongea na John Deere na New Holland wanjenge assembly plants mbili Kenya.

Then Komatsu na Hitachi wanjenga zingine mbili za construction equipment in collaboration with BJ50 ya Laikipia. We need visionary leaders kama H.E Mwai Kibaki ama Thomas Mboya

No reason why we should not do both !

Kama izo guns na bullets zitapata market na kuletea kenya pesa lazima watu watakufa, risasi hazinaga kazi ingine.
Kama nchi haiwezi jifeed na kujivalisha then haiwezi enda mahali popote. Countries zenye hutengeneza bunduki na risasi citizens wake already wana healthcare system mzuri na wanakula wanashiba, transport na drainage system zao ziko sawa.

How was Thomas Mboya visionary?

He was a crafty union leader like Atwoli. He turned the COTU of those days into the national political party i.e KANU.

KANU was a union. The union members were turned into political party members. Like turning KNUT into a political party.

That way Mr. Mboya as secretary general could ascend the throne very comfortably. Kijana alikuwa ameona mbali but wazee waliona mbele zaidi.

Waunde izi kwanza zifike mashinani.

If this was in a village in Kenya, there would be a line of 50 boys waiting for their turn at this amazing contraption. Just begging and salivating and thinking of other ways to use this machine.

We should be going for the microchips and ammunitions factory.

Let me tell you that in economics you should not spend money on what you are not good at, eg agriculture and mechanisation. We can buy the food from those who produce cheaply eg Tanzania, China whatever.

Further, let me also inform you that the industrial age is kaput, we are in the information age, this is where the money is. Look at mpesa, google, amazon, Uber, Airbnb.

Read about the Walt Rostow’s Stages Of Economic Growth

Agriculture is fundamental pillar. It starts with peasantry and advances to Mechanized large scale. All those major economies in the world had their turn. China, USA, Germany, France, Korea all undertake Large Scale farming to date. Here in Africa farming is viewed as Kazi Chafu.

i dont think african countries are going to jump to the information stage withought first passing through the industrialization stage.


This is an economic model ya mid 20th century. By then it was all about mechanizing agriculture → subsidise farm inouts → build industries around agriculture (tractor factory, etc) → Build industries that process the agricultural outputs → export unprocessed and processed foods → export the farm machinery to other countries wishing to adopt your economic model → export the factories and technologies required to process agriculture products to emerging economies. End.

Nowadays you need to be good at everything. Produce weapons, technologies, softwares, cars, free ports, mechanize agriculture, tourism, minerals, etc. Compe ni mbaya sana and a country cant afford to concentrate on just one factor for growth.