Upgrading to 10 Mbs Safaricom Fibre

hapo kwa njaanuary story alikuwa anakuchezea psychology 101 ili ufeel mko ‘pamoja’ ish. The fact that you laughed means he got to your heart, so it worked. Welcome to 11 more months za kufinywa na slow internet

Wekea mtoto game acheze. It is addictive though and it is a game of skill.

Wewe ulinifanya ninunue 5mbs saf after praising it so much kumbe ilikuwa tu hype…hehehe

That internet is shit for someone who is on several computers like me.

One day I found a sick fucker trying to chat up my kids on Roblox . Since that day I’m very cautious about gamers and games I’m exposing my kids to .

seriously?? mtu mzima wa IT si unajua when doing heavy workloads lazima uwe na connection strong.

Hehe…I have played roblox too. All you have to do is just not give them a microphone or headphones that have the microphone feature and turn that off in the game settings as well. I don’t talk to anybody in game myself.

I thought it was dedicated. Plus kama mtu wa IT kama wewe ulikuwa unatumia 5mbs sembuse mimi…:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D pole basi. next time will warn in advance.

Nirushie dem wa Thika road thrupass tutoe joto za january

Cant game without mic.Headshots and bitter losers.

Safaricom Home Gold and Platinum ndio zinamake sense, izi package zingine ikifika afte net inalost
Na hapa watu hufanya job saa ngapi?

I still get that problem and I’m on the 20mbps package. Downloading a ps4 game just sucks up all the bandwidth in the house. Not sure why safaricom set it up that way

naona inafika 297 ama 310 kama sina tabs open

Wanakunyonga, inastahili ifike at least 360+KBPS

Hii hesabu yako una arrive at aje?

Birrionea mwenye ako na TV ya TLC. Ama ni TCL. Saitan

Sasa 3mbps na 5mbps mtu anafanya nini nayo? :D:D:D Shida tupu aisee

You would be surprised it works well you tube not buffering netflix iko fine,sportify murwa and download 2gb movie in 1hr 15mins. Thanks for asking anyway