Upgrade your bum boyfriend.

You could leave him or you can work on him.


I never remove the stitchings in the pocket to retain the smooth flow. I hate uaving bulging suit pocket as a result of a bunch of keys stuffed in

but I have got some tips here but wacha nikuulize mbona na hii fashion sense yenu yote mbona you don’t upgrade your looks from the boring trending hoping.why can’t yo be trippy like riri
One night just dress up like some crazy ass character/culture then fuck your man.Is that hard…well I know any tights on thighs has the same effect but come on.Naanza movement mpya no names yet but slogan ni
Make your man’s wet dream a reality…

its not a cheap affair,

Now,show us how to dress right in jeans

One rule. Don’t sag them. Its faggy and trashy.

If $$ is really an issue buy a mtush suit and have a tailor work it.

Majority here aren’t into the suit nonsense and we still earn handsomely.

i own a couple of good suits at a time but will normally dress in khakis and various shades of brown coz on a normal work day i might end up ndaani ndaani kabisa where tarmac is vision 2050 and laundry bills are not cheap.

mwarì do you run a clothing shop,cus most of us could need your services and essential tips fashionwise. Btw which suit style is more chic ,Italian or British?

Bookmarked for one day when I shall buy a suit.

The suit’s in the pictures are high end 100k plus,

watu kujinyonga na tai kwa hii jua ya equator hapana

Money is the common enemy

Plus men’s wear is twice as expensive as a lady’s

Very informative thread. Heko mama [SIZE=1]saitan[/SIZE]

This is relative as women need more and have more as they also have bigger wardrobes…

Regarding suit style, Italian is more chic and cool whereas British is conservative and less hip.