Updating Windows 10

Hey people… Niko na windows 10 version 10240. 25gb ya faiba inaweza tosha kuupgrade to the latest version ya windows 10


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The best thing is to use safaricom 4G unlimited data bundle to upgrade then you can use faiba data for fixes

Hii ndio gani??

Update ni 3gb tu

Tuseme niko na a cracked windows 8, hii upgrade mumesema nikae mbali au ni zidi?

ingia tu hapa ujinasue kutoka kwa mtego It’s easy

Achaneni na windiws 10 update,inafanya machine inakua slow…kuna fix inahitaji…kila tym ikiji update nadelete…nani ame experience kama mm?

Stop giving people shitty advice. Updates are meant to SECURE your device and give it new features. Off course sometimes they get botched but they are always fixed fast. Wewe you must have a different problem that you should try to troubleshoot and fix

Shida ya Windows 10 all updates are bundled together. In lower versions of Windows kuna security/critical updates na recommended updates and you have the option of downloading only critical updates and ignore the non-essential updates.

After Win 10 update you find weird things like ‘Mixed Reality Portal’ in your start menu. Stuff that you will never ever ever use.

As an IT expert it’s more than enough