update: she's reluctant to do a paternity test

This is an update to the story I gave a couple days ago ( https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/advice-needed.244058/ )

My wife & I’d separated after I lost my job. We have a 7-year-old boy together. He was 4 then.

she started seeing another dude (fitness instructor) and got pregnant. Stupidly I agreed to get back together. This was after I landed another job.

I wanted a second biological kid (the 2nd born is not mine, though I love the little girl) but my wife (soon-to-be ex-wife) was reluctant. I shared my dilemma here and a few wise souls suggested the first born might not be really mine.

To be honest the thought had never really crossed my mind. Until some talkers mentioned it. That’s when I started scrutinizing the eyes, ears, nose and hair of the boy. That’s when I realized he looks nothing like me. Stupidly I suggested going for a DNA test and my wife went ballistic. She flew into a rage and called me all manner of names.

Long story short I moved out of the apartment. I’ve taken a few valuables. I’ve also instructed an advocate friend of mine to initiate divorce proceedings. He’ll be filing the petition on Tuesday. My wife (soon to be ex-wife) has been calling and sending apologetic texts but I’m guessing this is another form of manipulation. The lawyer has instructed me not to pay the kid’s fees for the coming year until we have confirmation of paternity. And court proceedings might take a while.

My only concern is if the boy turns out to be biologically mine. The fact that I called his paternity into question might bruise his feelings and hurt our relationship in future.


You gonna go through alot of manipulation attempts …but you owe it to yourself and self worth not to be swayed.

it seems you are not a very strategic man… vitu zingine hufai kuambiana you just do it first of all… itabidi umepambana na hiyo guilt mtoi akitoka ni wako

It seems the moment you marry you have just gone chubluu! into a sewage pit.

she cheated on you with an alpha male and yet you are worried about her feelings? But ata kama sio wako niko sure utamsamehe bado…wee ni weakling and you have to raise another man’s cum

plantation = happiness tupu.

I said I’m worried about my son’s (possible son) feelings.

DNA ya firstborn ungefanya chini ya maji.


Confirm Kwanza. Hii maneno ya relationship you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. Good luck in 2023 man.

You are a bitch ass nigga. Your wife has been fucking another dude when you were separated and you still chose to get back to her worse the second kid aint yours. Now you suggest a DNA test and she goes ballistic, that should tell you the state of things. Major manipulation is coming. Utakuwa guilt tripped mpaka utii. Toroka sana bro. Its good ume initiate divorce proceedings. Kila mtu alee mtoto wake.

For your case, Father DNA and the child DNA ONLY is required. DNA testing center we give you mouth swabs you collect the DNA at home and deliver the samples at our lab.

Do not involve the woman.

How much?

8,500 per sample at Kenyatta Hospital Government Chemist

ikitokezea mtoto ni wako, mshow much love, yani mpeleke for kids games, tembea naye around. Hivyo utamcorrupt akilini, na hatakumbuka yaliotendeka kitambo, na hatasikiriza mamake.

Paternity ungefanya without telling her.
Otherwise, it’s good divorce inaendelea. The kid when he grows up no matter the lies mum tries to fill him with he’ll understand you in future

Usikubali kupakwa mavi tena na huyo soon to be your ex wife kunguru. Kijiji has helped you alot, Mutu alitombwa nje mpaka akazaa should not manipulate you in any form or shape. If the boy is yours he’ll understand

So issue ni haudai story ya kulipa fees?

Learn to control your emotions. You are a man and not a woman. DNA ungefanya chini ya maji. Any woman will be mad if you tell them you want a DNA test, even if the kid is yours. If you could have done DNA test chini ya maji, ungejua Results pekee yako but now you have ruined everything. You will spend more money for the divorce and DNA test. Learn to control your emotions and do your own investigation chini ya maji. Only confront your wife with concrete evidence