Update on rear speakers not working

Wandau after tinkering with everything at you suggested,I tried something that hadn’t crossed my mind; preformed a sound test and to my amazement all the speakers are working because sound came from all of them however whenever I play content on tv no sound is coming from the rears surround speakers…how do I sort this out?

Maybe you are playing 2 chanel content instead of 5 channel content.


Now how do I rectfy this? Coz hapo mbeleni ilikuwa inacheza na zote but sa hii ni bar and sun ndio zinatoa sound…should I tinker with the tv too?

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Look for movies that have 5.1 sound.


Ingia YouTube search for audio that suits your needs

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Switch to Multi Surround Mode kama ni Sony

I did…infact it was on all the time…did fix it ilikuwa upus ya tv…am getting a new TV yenye Iko na arc…hii mambo ya toslink acha ikae