Update-No physical injuries found in University don's deceased wife.

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  • Posmortem Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed wife had fluid in the lungs and also had a blood clot in the left atrium. No other physical injuries.
    -During an interview at the Dagoretti Police Station where he was initially detained, Dr Ogola denied killing the woman he said “I have loved her very much”. He termed the death as “very unfortunate”.“There was no fight. This was a play.


A postmortem exam on the body of the wife of a university lecturer arrested over her death has revealed that she had no physical injuries.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, who examined the body of Rebecca Gobi Mwachongo said the 27-year-old had fluid in the lungs.

“She also had a blood clot in the left atrium (in the heart) … but we cannot attribute this to anything at the moment,” Dr Oduor said, adding that samples from her body have been taken for further analysis.

Rebecca’s husband, Dr Fredrick Ogola — a Strathmore University lecturer — was arrested following her death on New Year’s Day.

He said in an interview on Thursday that he was just playing with his wife and denied there was a fight between them.

He is detained at the Kabete Police Station after the court granted the police a 10-day custodial order to allow them to complete investigations into the death of his wife — Rebecca Gobi Mwachongo.

During an interview at the Dagoretti Police Station where he was initially detained, Dr Ogola denied killing the woman he said “I have loved her very much”. He termed the death as “very unfortunate”.

“There was no fight. This was a play, she had asked me what my programme was and I told her that my plan was to drop the letters. She told me that I would not be going and I asked her what she would do to stop me,” Dr Ogola said adding that after that, his wife pushed him and he fell on their matrimonial bed.

“When a woman pushes you, you do not resist. She sat on me and tried to remove the phone from my pocket and I told her ‘Sweetheart you are going to tear my pocket’,” he said of the deceased, whom he said, was determined to confiscate the phone from him.


Dr Ogola said during the “play”, his wife suddenly exclaimed and fell back on the edge of the bed.

“I thought this was a joke because we had been playing. I left the bedroom and rushed to deliver the letter and then I called the house help to ask her whether Becky was up taking care of the baby and she said ‘No’, so I rushed back and found her still down where she had fallen,” Dr Ogola said.

Dr Ogola took her to the MP Shah Hospital and later to the Aga Khan University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The don was arrested on Tuesday evening at his home in Lavington, and was taken to court on Wednesday, but did not take plea following a request by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to have him detained.

Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Mohammed said several people had been interrogated. He, however, refused to name them or give details of their accounts, saying that would jeopardize investigations.




On new year’s eve…kwani hii barua ilikuwa na nini

meaning if they rely on physical evidence the ninja may walk? These things are never black and white


@bjurmann alienda wapi?


No plan survives the first attack by the enemy intact. Murphys law.

The story is very clear…So Ktalk pathologist tuambieni

Obstetrics 101, The four ts of post partum haemorrage,

Tone: uterine atony, distended bladder.
Trauma: lacerations of the uterus, cervix, or vagina.
Tissue: retained placenta or clots.
Thrombin: pre-existing or acquired coagulopathy.

The lady was 6 weeks postpartum, that can partly explain the blood clot. Silent thrombo embolism, clots to the lungs and to the heart.

   Thrombo embolism and disseminated intervascular coagulopathy ( hii ni activation ya clotting factors inside your blood stream)are silent killers in post cs cases and diffucult to detect. My take, the don is innocent but feminazi wanalia sana.

He will walk free even if it quacks like a duck


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Hio Trauma na bloodclot ndio nimeelewa. Hizo zingine pengine niattend evening classes pale Chiromo


From the original story- “He has partially confessed he fought with his wife,” said an officer.

Alikula matawi kama mbuzi meffi ikakataa kutoka, ni kama alienda opareshen watoe meffi.


Hehe, from the Dons explantion. 'Dr Ogola said during the play, his wife suddenly exclaimed and fell back on the edge of the bed.
“I thought this was a joke because we had been playing" … Hii ni classical definition of a heart attack.

Medicaly, a blood clot in the heart causes a heart attack. The heart is a less common location for a blood clot, but it can still happen. Thats what the pathologist’s have found in the body.

 The clot most probably formed elsewhere, as per the  factors in my earlier post, but after the playing and increased physicsl activity , it dislodged and got stuck in the atruim causing the heart attack.Pathological evidence this far says so. Lastly we ll all wait for the toxicology report, she may have been intoxicated or something....ama walikuwa wanakunywa jug daniels..