Update: Eti nimekuwa nikikamua bibi yako.

I was able to trace my camera and laptop to a police station. Apparently the guy surrendered the stuff at a police station. Did I tell you ananiogopa? Now he was begging the cops to come arrest me. For all those mliongea mbaya, is it an offence to love?

Keti pale kwa nvs[ATTACH=full]61781[/ATTACH]

Absolute egg-head.
Ati anakuogopa?

atakuwa anakuogopa aje na alikam kejani mwako na akakubebea…we kwenda huko brarefool

By any chance could you be residing in Embakasi?

I like the side with the girl in red dress to win this tug of war… You see, the girl is in control because she is the one holding the boy’s hand not the other way round. :smiley:
Anytime she wants she can let go… and the other side falls on their ass. When they return, she and her team mates pounces on their disorganization. The boy hehind her is a steady anchor. I loved this game as a kid ! :D:D:D

kuna mtu ameleta hekaya ya ku-redeem image…but we are not fooled…

The infinity of human stupidity!

Afadhali mtu angenyamaza watu wasau upuss!

Pamba pia keti pale.



@pamba , Afande… leta pingu tuku saidie na huyu villager dr edu… :smiley:

Gashiwin sina haja ya kuredeem image. I am anonymous here. Plus I don’t give a fuck.

Makende siogopi polisi.

@dr edu , Kama huwogopi polisi hiyo ni sawa. Remand na jela piya huwogopi tough anonymous man ??
Ama uko tough shauri you are anonymous na huwezi onjaa ngumi ya wana ume leo…

Reri! Reri! Reri!

Sema tu daktari…

Let’s say uende kwa dame umukamue for a week hiyo nikuwekwa?

When are you going to evolve yourself?
You are stuck in a time warp.

Afadhali Kunyamaza…