Upcoming/Lower middle class hunisinya sana

yea…nyinyi…shida yenyu huwa ni nini?setting standards/bars pale social media na your survival iko dependent na the end mont’s salary…ikichelewa lazma uongeleshe landlord…nkt…mi hujam sana…

Sai hao ndio wenye kupost mapicha wakiwa kwa mall panic-buying stuff…they dont mind ule mtu hana kakitu?ukinunua na ukose kupost hautakunia???

At the bus stops wakishuka wanata mjue ako na sanitizer…she lifts the bottle up high asif akijipaka bila kuinua haitawork…nkttttt

Hao ni wanashinda wamevaa mask imbo kila mahali…and just like the fools they are,they keep adjusting the masks with their contaminated hands…thinking they are very special…

And what’s with these funny accent ya kujaribu kuongea kizungu kila mahali na all it does nikusound like an afrocinema movie…the worse of it all ni ati they try to force this kizungu on their clueless kids…a few hours ago i was in this public office and there’s this mama trying to stop some spoiled brat(her son) from messing up the water dispenser…and all she kept saying was “stop…or ai wyill tell daddy…stop…daddy will bich yu”……sa hiyo ata kitoi hakielewi…mtoi anashika maji moto ya dispenser na mwoman anasema “stop” …a word that the kid evidently doesnt know coz he didnt stop…and actually ended burning his fingers with the hot water from dispenser…Hiyo kitu imenikasirisha sana juu huyu mama al she had to say is “kamau tiga wana gukugotha wemeere”…or “wewe wacha”…and the kid would have been safe…

Mimi nko hapa chini surviving with a dollar a day. Nikitoka hapa naenda straight to billionaire status juu mi naonanga middle class is a menace.

in other countries middle class is of value and discpline…hapa kwetu middle class means “nimetoboa…so laleni chini mpanue midomo nipite nikiwakojolea”

Hakunanga kitu kama middle class. Either umekafunga ama umesota. Anyone with a net worth of below $1 million hapa Kenya is not financially secure. Hiyo ni ballpark figure. That includes me, you and most talkers.

If you have any doubts, ask how much it costs to be admitted at a private wing of a decent hospital for one month. Charges calculated daily. Pale Kenyatta ni 6k per day kwa private wing na sio VIP. You can only imagine the costs za Karen Hospital and Agha Khan. Na hujahesabu cost of treatment. Just one serious case in a family ndio utajua Middle Class is a fallacy.

I hear you. The 1st thing these lot do when they meet us tukitoka na huku kwetu is straight up comment read ropoka about our hair/weaves na manguo and shoes. They then proceed with their pea brain dick measuring questions. Saa hiyo ile kiwaru wako nayo? How many times have I fallen out with my resident sis huko because of these women? I hear so and so is on her way, I disappear upstairs na sikuji mpaka she has left.
What is wrong with them? and on the ground they are busy competing with each other about who is driving what and which schools the kids attend. Oh and the neighbourhood they reside in. I have come to the conclusion that they are yet to grow up.

Sii CBK walisema less than 1% of bank accounts have 1M. So most of these guys wako msoto wanafloss na pesa za loans :smiley:

We have insurance running to hundreds of millions and that wont affect our accounts

So you think that your insurance will pay for a Coronavirus infection??:smiley:

Kila nyani na starehe take.

Kafament will take care of it

Examples za pea brain dick measuring questions?

It is best I leave it. So use your imagination.


i have witnessed this in the numerous whatsapp groups we get added to…to clear hospital bills…kuna moja nilikuwa nimeaddiwa ya MATERNITY bill…ata si cardiac thing or any complicated stuff,maternity tu…kuenda kufungua miguu mtoto atoke…i dont tell them to their faces but in my mind am like mbish if you didnt have agakhan money why did you go there?pumwani na mama lucy watu hawazai?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…mean but true

Hakuna kitu kama middle class. It’s either you are rich or poor. Hao wote unasema ni watu maskini.

I blame this mostly on IG culture, wadau wakifwata ma puff daddy na kardashians munataka wado nini? Seems like siku hizi the main reason watu wanaamua kuenda vacation ni for the gram…

Unaandika hii yote just ranting about how people LIVE their own lives?..WTF!!
How does someone’s fake accent affect your life…young man you are peasant, idle and stupid.:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

Kwanza they name their kids the most ridiculous names on this God’s earth. It is v hard to stifle giggles ukiskia some of these names.

You are right, ni shosho media manenoz.

Thiem, in all honesty, is there any meaningful contribution you make to a thread other than insulting people and their mums? your other threads are all about asking from help from the same villagers. Dude pls take a chill pill. We are not kids around here.

He raised an issue, we are happy to pipe in.