Up Your Facebook Game With These Tricks

If you use Facebook on a daily and you aren’t customizing your experience while using it, you’re totally missing out.

Check out these 5 tricks to help you hack your way to a better Facebook experience.

Watch Facebook videos with your friends

Facebook Watch Party is a new feature from the social media giant which aims at bringing collaborative viewing for distant friends. The feature basically allows users to create a watch party group, where all the members will be able to watch any public videos on Facebook in real time.

Just click on the “create a post” area and then click on the three-dot menu. From here, click on the “Watch Party” button and follow on the on-screen instructions to invite the friends that you want to watch videos with.

Search for Open Jobs in Your Area

Facebook is trying to branch away from just being a social media platform as it is starting to offer more and more services. One of those new services is the ability to look for open jobs in your area and you should not miss this train.

The “Jobs” page is hosted under the “Explore” section of Facebook (Click on the “See More” button if you don’t see it), and you can click on it to see jobs posted in your area.

Post updates in multiple language

If you have a Facebook page that caters to people from diverse countries, you would want your posts to connect with people in their native language.

To do that, go to Page Settings->General tab and scroll down and turn on “Post in Multiple Languages”.

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