Unusually cheap car imports. Is it a Scam

Lately, facebook has been bombarding me with car sales ads. Upon checking some of these pages, they have decent followings (probably from intensive marketing campaigns), but the cars are priced unusually low for models in the years 2014- 2018.

For instance, here is a 2015 CX_5 being sold for 1.45m by a company calling itself 'Bahjaj Holding Ltd. Local rates for foreign imports for the 2014 CX_5 stand at around 2m+


Here is another dealer selling Toyota Crown 2014 at 1.4m. Local rates for foreign imports also stand at around 2m+


Most of the dealers have indian/pakistani related names.

Is this a case of, 'when the deal is too good, think twice. Or I’m I just being paranoid

I don’t see a too good deal here

Jichunge sana hawa ni matapeli, ni bei za kukuvutia.ukiwasili utaambiwa ni bei ya deposit ya hire purchase ama imeuzwa wana nyingine kwa bei yako.

Yup. Nilisuspect the same

Ama aambiwe atume za kubook gari ndio mtu asipite nayo. Ii ni SCAM someone will be parted with his/er money

Na lazima inawork juu wako na sponsored ads mob sana hapo fb

[SIZE=5]If something appears to good to be true, trust your instinct, run away and don’t look back![/SIZE]

siwezi mind kutoa hio badge ya crown athlete niweke ya lexus

ama hizo bei hazina duty… Pays to do some research and background checks…

Naam ni click bait kama juzi za @digi

By the way, car importas is one of such activities where you can easily be scammed and you won’t even be able to understand that you were scammed. In my opnion, nowadays due to the rapid technology development there are plenty of projects which are considered to be a pure scam. This fact disappoints a bit, nevertheless we have to learn how not to be scammed and always be very attentive to detaila and stuff like that. The main here is to know how you will be possibly scammed in a particular activity. Of course, it’s kinda diffcult to determine scam, however we can learn I guess, we have plenty of time.