Ever since I resigned from my job, I’ve been feeling unstoppable. I have so much time to do other things and catch up with the world. It’s crazy to think that this is what true freedom means. I’ve had so much time to come up with new ideas and validate them.

I do not see myself ever working for somebody / or a company in the future. In fact, the past few days have really been eye-opening and I’ve begun seeing how no employee is really ever happy at their job. I see people go to work at 9 and leave at 5 (just like I was) and I couldn’t feel more sorry for them. Imagine that - spending 8 hours of your day being productive to fund the boss’s next holiday home? I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure this out. It doesn’t matter how much I was getting paid.

What I’m learning is that people now think I’m an idiot for leaving my job :joy:. My friends are asking me when I plan on getting a new job, my family thinks I’m insane, and it looks weird playing golf on a fucking Monday. When I’m out having fun during the day because I no longer work, I’m mostly always surrounded by retirees. Everybody else is out grinding for Uncle Sam.

One thing is for sure: I am never going back to employment. Nimekataa slavery of all forms. What advice do you have for a village elder who is about to embark on solopreneurship? Naskia life on that other side is riddled with thorns and cactus.


Kudos for the bold decision!

Not many are brave enough to jump off the ship of employment willingly.
I hope you have a good plan to survive in the open world. Your paycheck is blank. It is your ideas and efforts that will determine how much you get paid.
But as long as you still have the papers and experience, let it remain the bridge that may take you back in case things don’t work out with this first or second attempt.
Not all forms of employment are slavery. Ask why rich politicians leave their businesses to be employed by the government in senior positions.


They finally fired your sorry mungiki ass,hope you have a solid fall back plan otherwise soon utakua mathira ukitafuta maraya ya 150.


Asante ndugu. I had stocked enough dollars to not worry about a paycheck for a very long time. My plan is to fight it out with other men in the real world. Let’s see what this journey brings.

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Mungiki ni Mungiki tu but this one amejipanga vilivyo. In vumbistan, I can stay idle for the next 100 years and still live a very upper class life. For now, wacha I try other personal ventures.



how is new york gadhee

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This city is going to the dogs with all the illegal immigrants :joy:

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@applebee100 hapa unatuconfuse kidogo. Hapo awali ulisifu kazi yako sana, imegeukaje ikakuwa eti ilikuwa slavery? Kuja kenya huanzishe pyramid scheme founded on Christian values, in 3 years utakuwa billionaire kama Obadiah Maina


Read Kanguthi’s post

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By slavery simaanishi kazi ilikuwa mbaya. In this context, it means being an employee. I’ve been thinking of being my own boss for a while so eventually the feeling got too strong and I had to dip.


Leta link.

Don’t go back to employment.
As you said earlier you are literally helping some nigga get richer by working for them. They hold you hostage from 8 to 5 and order you around you like a small kid.
Jua Kali is full of twist and turns but it’s very satisfying to know that you are working for you.


Wishing you lots of luck in your future endeavors!!! I tried this myself some time back, and let’s just say that there is a reason I don’t have have balls in the first place… Wacha Sisi Tupambane on this other side of fence.

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Welcome kaka, entrepreneurship is the way to go…

Yule mukorino?niaje aviator?

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Sirudi Misri kabisa

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Lazima ata mimi nikuwe employer kwani iko nini