Unpopular opinion

Nimekaa nikaangalia venye siasa yetu hii Kenya inafanyika, I have concluded the political class is one family. They decide who is family and who isn’t.

Like is it true mzee moi was so smart to take over from mzee Kenyatta or Kenya was a law abiding nation? Kalenjin mafia outsmarted Gema mafia?

So moi remembered to handover to uhuru after 24 years?

Uhuru abandoned kanu, temporarily hanged around ODM before forming jubilee and taking over in 2013!!

The list of events goes on and on…

In conclusion, Ruto will hand over power to Gideon Moi in 2032.

That is the bitter pill, mezeni bila kupiga kelele.

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Dude, politics is akin to pro-wrestling.

Virtually all politicians are buddies behind closed doors. They network and strike deals together.

But in public, they feign enmity to distract gullible dunderheads like @Solomon_Serious.

In reality it’s all a charade. A red-herring.


Don’t ever tag me, tena.

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Same case across the world. There are humans among us who think Trump and Biden are sworn enemies.

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Nyamazisha hio bakuli yako chafu umbwaaaa koko hii

You are right, but not Gideon Moi. Likely Madvd. Madvd family has mingled well with presidents and being outside Kikuyu Kalenjin, it can help hoodwink Kenyans further more easily. But they are status quo to the core which makes them darlings to the current and former presidents.

Hana charisma

It’s worse than that. One has to be a Freemason to be part of their club. All the way down to the so-called tenderpreneurs.

Someone – I suspect @MIGUNA/@Mrs_Chantel – took over the Tauren handle and is now trying to drag my (pseudo)name through the mud.

I’ve decided to block the handle.

I don’t think Kikuyu kalenjin is anymore an issue, it died the day uhuru talked about it while at mudavadis rural home yet Ruto went on to win backed by madvd.

So it becomes like in 2013 when people thought a Kikuyu will not hand over to another Kikuyu but kibaki went on to hand over to uhuru.

Mudavadi and weta have strong relationship with mois. Weta was made by moi. That makes me consider Gideon their master and beneficiary.

Interestingly, Kalonzo is trying to revive OKA.

Again, during icc days, ocampo was alleging Ruto had the backing of retired military men from the kalenjin community. It’s obvious those military men served during mois reign mostly and we’re more loyal to moi than Ruto,so Ruto is just part of the moi plan. That makes me start believing kanu will rule for 100 years.