Unpopular Opinion

The parties weren’t crazier and the girls weren’t hotter in the early 2010s (or whichever years that YOU were in your early 20s).

The music wasn’t any better either.

The music, parties, girls, are just as hot today as they were back then.

Nothing’s changed except YOU. The perspective of a 20 year old man is totally different from that of a 30 year old man. The same can be said regarding a 45 year old man and a 30 year old man.

Take a 20 year old, 32 year old, and 45 year old to the same trendy club. The three guys will have totally different perspectives of the same night.

Please never say that parties/songs/etc were wild/better in your days than they are today. Those things are the same but you aren’t.



This is not a discovery but the truth. Typically, humans remember the past with nostalgia and think things were really better. Basically people only remember the good times and never the hard days so they think things were better even when they were not.

Ask someone who had a rough childhood how life was and he’ll say “life was so good back then”. He only remembers the good times he spent playing bano with his friends. Not the times daddy would come back home drunk and whoop him and his mother like a burukenge. @Josto_Bwaku ata hakumbuki when he was being raped by his uncle. Ukimuuliza leo atasema those were the good old days because he only remembers fingering the mboch parents wakiwa kesha.


Juzi juzi I was hanging out with a 20 year old and we were watching music on the TV. Playlist ilikua inacheza ya the big RNB artists of my teenage life. The girl sincerely had no idea who Beyonce, Jayzee, Mariah Carey, Akon, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys are. She also had no clue about the September 11 attacks ya Osama. Nimezeeka :sweat_smile:


Wueh basi nimezeeka

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Are you sure you weren’t hanging out with a 12 year old???..


Utanyonya kende zangu nije kuwait city na emirates mi amor?

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Ulipanguza mattercore ama unatembea around na skidmarks kwa panties?

Kama hajui Akon na Alicia keys je atajua The Bee Gees, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers?

I think its just info overload due to social media. Before and up to the year 2000, music was stored in physical media so if you rummanged among your parents music collection, you would come across old music that you resonated with, listened to more of it and found out who the musician was. I remember being mesmerised by Isaac Hayes and Fela Kuti’s 70s music when I discovered it in the mid '00s when I was in my early 20’s. Nowadays a kid will never come across and listen to such due to the way music is stored.

In tems of ‘goodness’ of the music, old tunes were made with musical instruments and sounds natural while modern music is all digital synthesis, VFX and SFX which is less appealing to the human ear.


Unpopular opinion: Sep 11 ilikuwa CIA na Mossad.

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No wonder i can’t tell the difference between the bass guitar and the drums in today’s music on my hifi system, unlike in old music.


Get yourself a proper sound system, and you’ll ALWAYS know when a good tune is playing, regardless of the year of release.

Mkuu acha hizo sodomy ni good old days
Mi sijawahi sahau anything negative parents walinifanyia alafu ikuwe being raped by a man

:green_emoji: :green_emoji: hii tackle nayo umemaliza @Josto_Bwaku …hapa hakuna comeback walae

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Rushia mimi elder napenda hao wenye hawana touch na the past… mwingine hata Awilo Longomba hajui ama rhumba…wanacheza ngoma siwezi relate bana… anyways me am always there for pudesh…i pretend to like what they like ndio nijifanye vile tuko na so much in common kumbe me ni ikuss nategea kubomoa :green_emoji:…me huwa zile za " aaaah hii ngoma naijua walae ni vile sijui jina ya artist"

Tomba punda za Kilifi ghaseer

Jomba…wacha kiherehere…nitakutomba msenge mimi ukaandikishe OB na Mwera

Surely hata Beyonce? Nigga you are fucking a pumpkin head

Mkuu unalipa rent na bado you pretend to like what she likes as if unamkatia :clown_face::clown_face:

Mimi my bitches do the opposite. They like what I like and follow my lead. Kama hapendi football ama ni wa team ingine she better support my team when we are together or else…


Rent silipi…i said i pretend to like that they like in stuff like music and shit…usually before i tap the pussy. Ile ikae tuna vibe… .coz most of them chics niwawacha na over 17yrs so i try to look old but cool