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There is NO middle class.

You are either in the owner class, or working class.

Owners have businesses and assets that pay them.

They give workers two choices, work or starve/be homeless/die of sickness etc.

Make me richer or you will perish. Report to work every Monday - Friday or you will starve. Pay me every month or you will become homeless.

Owners are modern day slave-owners. Since the dawn of time, a few people have lived off the backs of the majority. That’s just human nature.

There is nothing wrong with being working class. In fact, some working class people (c-suite) earn more than owners. But even them soon transition to the owning class.

Kwa hivyo usiwahi jiita middle class, you are either the employee (selling your labor), or a capitalist/owner (riding the backs of laborers).

Think about a landlord with 100 apartments. He/she has 100 people that support her/his lifestyle. He rides their backs because he owns the asset. The supermarket owner rides the backs of 50 employees and for business to work, he has to pay them less than what they generate and pocket the difference (profit). So by default, if you work for someone, you get paid less than you earn for them and he takes the difference. If an employee at a supermarket pockets 15k, best believe that she earns 30k or more for the owner.

Riding people’s backs is the name of the game. Slavery never ended, it just evolved. It is more efficient now because the slaves need money to live. That Indian at Industrial Area with an army of 300 workers is no different from a plantation owner in ancient America. The plantation owner would have forced the slaves to work using beatings, while the Indian threatens the worker with starving and prison (if they try theft). Its literally the same thing with a few iterations.

Right now Bill Gates can rest easy because there are 181,000 employees at Microsoft working tirelessly to pay him that $1 billion dividend cheque every year. James Mwangi could stop working tomorrow but the 9000 employees at Equity will work tirelessly to put that $5 million dividend cheque in his account every year.

hio kitu umefuruta leo uendelee kutumia hio brand kwasabu rant yako leo iko na kaukweli

True, we have the eaters and those being eaten:D

This story is partially true but no one is a slave. A landlord provides a basic need. A company provides goods and services. Even in the owner class you have to provide something of value or else you won’t last. It’s not a zero sum game, it’s a game where you have to give and take.

A slave-owner fed and housed the slaves. A plantation provided food for the nation.

Nothing has changed. Its the same system with a few changes i.e slaves are free to change masters and violence is not used to keep slaves in check. The motivation is the same. Someone owns the resources, and 100 people work for him or starve to death. The same design of an ancient plantation.

That’s a very narrow way of looking at things.
If you’re a pilot, will you go to start your own airline so you don’t become a slave?
Or if you’re a doctor, will you start your hospital?
Or if you’re an automotive engineer, would you rather work for an auto company that has been in business for more than 100 years, or start your own car making company?
Even if you did, what are the chances that it will succeed?
But if you buy shares in a company, you become the owner without running it.
Anybody can buy shares in Equity, Safaricom, Microsoft etc and become an owner.
But not anybody can start a company like Safaricom, Equity, Microsoft, Apple or Google from the ground up.
For every Bill Gates or Elon Musk, there are million more people like him who failed; it’s just that we never heard about them.

You also didn’t mention that a company will pay employees whether or not it makes a profit. In fact, most start ups go bankrupt after paying employees salaries despite making losses. A good example is Kune that closed the other day.
KQ just made a loss of 15 billion KES, but it will still pay its employees aka “slaves”.

And if you’re the owner of a PLC, you’re still a “slave” of the shareholders. Many CEOs like Jack Dorsey, Steve Jobs, Travis Kalanick (Uber), Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and many more have been kicked out of their companies by other shareholders.

Many so called “owners” have gone bankrupt after their businesses sunk since they didn’t want to let it go.

If you really think about it, everyone is a slave to something. That worker needs the employer just like the employer needs him/her. And that employer needs loans or other people to invest in his/her business to expand.

And if the business expands, that “owner” will need the government not to be too greedy or else the business will close down.

If the “owner” can’t sustain a business, the highly skilled employees can easily find another high-paying job and the “owner” assets will be recouped by the bank or auctioned.

Kwa hizi messages zako always give Andrew Tate credit noticed over 99% of your takes huwa from the G not a bad thing at all:D

Hii ni ukweli Mimi Niko na my loyal 83 slaves making me good money

@Azor Ahai you dont know the meaning of middle class. That term is being misused. They own small scale business and property.

Where do you class a doctor, lawyer, designer… who is self employed, but has to show up at the office at least 4 days in a week to be able to afford his mortgage payment, car loan, school fees, utilities, salon ya mama watoto the friday drink with his boys…

Pipe down na hizi retarded takes zako. I’m sure you are good student of Dan Lok for you to have suck stupid reasoning.

That’s the thing with unpopular opinions, they are fuakin unpopular. You shithead.



Anyway what you’ve stated is quite obvious. Feels great sometimes giving instructions from the comfort of your duvet na unaona doo ikiingia account real-time…

Ukweli 100%.

Nataka nifike hapo

Guy lacks critical thinking capabilities. Its funny that @Azor Ahai follows Andrew Tate’s teachings religiously like they are the truth yet he believes Tate’s followers are retarded.

Critical thinking ni muhimu sana.

There is also this false notion that business owners don’t work.

Most business owners with big companies work harder than most employees.

Bob Collymore had significant shares in Safaricom, but he still showed up to work despite having leukemia until he died.

Steve Jobs was one of the majority shareholders at Apple but he still showed up to work every single day until he died despite having pancreatic cancer.

Walter White summarized it perfectly.


There is so much that goes on behind any business. Of course, what @Azor Ahai 's tiny minds refers to as a ‘master phenomenon’ is just among few perks of being a business owner. But what about the long nights? The sacrifices to get there?