Unpopular Opinion

The mkoloni was here for a little over 60 years. We have been independent for almost 60 years and the mkoloni seems to have been doing the job of nation building better than us.
This is in spite of the rudimentary technology available then and the little resources they had.
In as much as the institutions they built were extractive, my study shows that they worked very well unlike what we have today.
From the well planned cities they created here, to great schools they founded; to infrastructure in the white Highlands to the planning of the economy around agriculture and tourism,999 year land leases etc etc huyu mbeberu 100 years ago had foresight that bado hatuna.
We ought to learn a thing or two about nation building from these Westerners and Asians in as much as we love to hate them.

Thing that you forget is that many of this white countries are centuries old. They literally governments that have been in operation for centuries, before reaching the organisation they have today these guys were experiencing chaos and conflicts worse than any other African countries presently have. It was just as late as 1940s that Hitler was killing millions of jews in gas chambers. Good governance for them has been as a result of centuries filled with utter chaos.

Some African countries are doing pretty good considering they have only been operating large scale governance for merely 60 years but some stupid African will never understand such deep thinking.

What fails Africa are institutions as you have put it. We have faith in people not the institution. For example, in Brazil the former president was incarcerated because the institution were powered to prosecute no matter the ranking. Come to Africa, challenging a former president:D can never happen. Give power to institutions such that it doesn’t matter who is running them they will do their mandate.

Hey include arabs in the last sentence

Uruhu Kettanya the drunkard pressured Waititu and Wa Iria to renew Mel Donte’s lease for another 99 years. :mad::mad::mad:, I usually tell Kikuyus the enemy ni hii mlevi and his family lakini utaskia wakisema mtu wetu. The drunkard and his family have been auctioning Kenya a piece at a time to foreigners. Don’t ask me why I voted for him. I wasn’t smarter then.

I would rather that land remains with del monte for now than give it to locals who will subdivide it into 20x20 plots then build shacks for rentals

Your point will be missed by many. We have been left on our own. What do we have to show for it. Nothing!

The part in bold is not accurate. Murang’a residents led by their wise and brave leaders have refused to renew the lease before getting 3,000 acres they want. The matter is in courts because Del Monte is hoping the courts can force Murang’a county to take a paltry 1,000 acres that it offered them. Kiambu county foolishly settled for 635 acres.

It’s a family business, auctioning off Kenya.

Never give power to the big man

Not exactly nothing. We have plunder and chaos