Unpopular opinion - Its a about time guys from the mountain vacated the government.

How else are people going to build generational wealth in Africa if its not through the government? How many people have solid academic credentials and yet they cannot create employment for themselves?

If you think ur village mates will make any difference in govt I pray they win. Ndio ujuwe sio ati we get a card that we show we are shiny eye to buy things cheaper or get special favors . Incompetence cuts across the board when it comes to Kenyan leaders , personally I would like Muhisa to get the seat but that would be a pipe dream

Elder kwani umekua wapi, this is a very popular opinion.

One way or another those looted funds have a ripple effect on you guys if i was in government and i was corrupt even if i dont know you and we are from the same tribe there is a huge likelihood you will get those looted funds…

Funny how you guys think I have access to Uhuru’s billions by virtue of being from the mountain. Wacheni ujinga buana. Politicians and high ranking government officials are individuals and are guided by personal interests - not communal interests. How have Kalenjins benefited from having a DP who steals their dam money and loots parastatals to the core?? How have Jaruos benefited from having a prime minister when living in AIDS infested and poverty stricken Kisumu Ndogo a.k.a Kibera?

Individuals, not tribes, are responsible for your misery.

The ordinary Kenyan misdirects his or her anger to tribes instead of individuals in government.

Years back I went to a government office seeking services. Everyone there from the APs providing security to the minister in charge of that place were from my tribe. In the office they were speaking my language. No English or Swahili. Guess what. I still had to bribe them to get what I wanted. Corruption and nepotism goes beyond ethnicity. You can change the tribe but the greed and entitlement will remain.

It is a popular opinion. Okuyus should not set foot on that seat for the next 40 years. We all know a tribe in power benefits from government patronage. We can pretend all we want but that’s the truth. You can use all the sweet words to convince us that your tribemate in power has no impact on your economic status but deep down we all know the you’re lying.

Had Kikuyus not been in power, they would not be overrepresented in government offices and parastatals, KRA etc. Had Kalenjins not been in power, they would not have been overrepresented in military and police.

It is about time for Okuyus to vacate. By force, by fire!

Kihiiii njaruo stick to matters fishing and railway vandalism.

I knew @Half_Human atachangamkia hii thread as soon aliona Okuyu… .


Tusije tukachinjana kama kuku wakati wa uchaguzi ukifika.

Sisi kama wapwani tumekataa hizo siasa za bara.

I as a Kikuyu agree with this.

I hope another tribe becomes president so you idiots learn that in this life you’re on your own.

Not even your tribal gods care about you.

We’re speaking from experience. Your tribe has never been on the seat despite desperately wanting to.

Take it from us ,Raila will forget about you as soon as he sits on the throne.

Kenya’s problem is not tribal but type of leaders we have in power,even if we elect a leader from another tribe but of the same quality of Uhuru Kenyatta we will not go anywhere,bad leadership has no tribe

Mtoto akilia wembe mpe.
Let them vote their tribal chiefs in.
Experience is the best teacher.

As if you have a choice. SMFH!

There’s a big problem when it comes to leadership and “it’s our turn to eat” school of thought.
I’ll not be defensive on the fact that previous (and current?) presidents have shown covert support for those that took them to power. And left imagined opposition strongholds to rot.

It was just recently that we had issues with Uhuru taking too much goodies “outside” and leaving the mountain without tangible investment.

A problem of the “turn to eat” has brought many other brothers, sisters, etc with it, including corruption, cronyism, nepotism and greed on an unfettered scale. It’s why many logically (flawed) think that if “their person” takes power, they are set for generations to come.

The incoming president should initiate a social discussion on these issues and most importantly (actually) be not only a symbol of national unity, but an implementor of equitable (and transparent) distribution of the national cake.

We have no problem with Raila being the president, the problem is luos who will become gods automatically and start feeling they own everything and everyone in Kenya

Have fun learning a lesson we already learned.


Have you just heard yourself? na kwa sasa who behaves like this? why is it that only people from the mountain are getting irked by the possibility of Raila being the president?

You tell us