Unpopular Observation...

Btw, how comes No one ever asks single fathers (not widowers) why they are single, or why their wives or women left them with the kids, or why they are bitter, psychotic and narcissists?

Because you will NEVER find single fathers crying for financial help from their baby mamas, and when it doesn’t come, call them mamas all kinds of names like dead-beat and whatnot. They get to work and focus, not try to pull everyone down because things are not going their way.

Toa mauchungu yote hapa ujaze server. Most men don’t have any other way than to work for living. Women on the other hand, shait!

Leta hiyo paybill mahali uko.

Because they’re rare and I’m sure they have a hard time keeping women at bay.

Being the proud daughter raised by a single father, I’m glad that he remained so after she left. In retrospect, served him well compared to his mates who were always ranting about their wives. The man was happy every single day. He was not bitter, psychotic nor a narcissist.

Sad that he passed when I was young, wish he’d lived longer for me to hear his hearty laugh longer.

men have never been. These are just labels by bitter biatches…

I salute your father girl

Nani amekuacha NV na amekuachia wangapi?

Kijana ya kathonzweni SEMA tu unataka slices . @Kuna Vitu Sipendi anataka kutiwa pia

The rules of the game were set by MEN women can never win, they’ll always cry,

Men are Expendables always…
But masculinity entails autonomy, being able to stand alone whenever situation allows.
Crying is for simps.

niko nyuma yako Pearl