Unnecessary police road blocks/stops

Especially in Mombasa road. What is the point?Public nuisance…Mnatuchelewesha kazi na jam ya bure…Ama hivo ndo rent inatafutwa??

just obey traffic rules, zikikosa you start blaming them

mbona ufunge major highway ukitafta mtu hajafunga mshipi? why delay 20,000 people looking for useless petty issues?

Mombasa road is a nightmare. 5 am unafaa ukuwe umetoka if you don’t want to get that look from your boss

very true. na speed max ni 30kph juu ya jam.
Uhuru needs to order these leeches off our roads like he did NTSA.

Seems like you don’t use that road on a daily basis

having two road blocks within 3kms is not traffic rules

Road blocks should only be mounted when there is a manhunt for fugitives or runaway suspects, mambo ya traffic offences cops should inspect the vihecles at bus stops apana potezea wananchi masaa on the road.


I watch some clips on YouTube and dude USA is truly the land of freedom. These guys hawatambui hizo ujinga.

Kwanza hapo Awasi & Ahero on your way to/from Kisumu, they like to mount speed traps from 5pm to extort motorists. They will stop like 30 cars, take 3K from each and only detain one or two vehicles whose drivers have refused to part with a bribe. Daylight robbery.