Unmasking @Gaylord



He can pass his point across without being dramatic, I think.

I have Joji baros no on speed dial nasiringi:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Talkers,our worries have been confirmed by this.:eek::eek:


Huyo jamma ameshikwa na kageni anakaa ako na smile ya uoga ni kama anajua whats coming next

Hehehe wapewe haki yao


If I was gay I doubt if I could tap dat. Btw does looks count or you go with whichever butt is available?

hatuna haja nayo coomer ni nyingi mbona ukamue ndume

Popular gay gospel singer, Joji Baro has stopped taking his ARV medication. The singer, who is HIV positive had attempted to end his life in November, 2015.