Unlucky Woman Loses 4 Plots In Mavoko & Now Her Njiru Home Is In Jeopardy

When the gods are against you.

Shem Mokua whose family’s 4 houses were demolished in Mavoko is now facing a new legal battle to save her only remaining home in Njiru,

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HBP and other health conditions loading…

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She’s just a slimy and corrupt individual.


Unanunua prot tano birra title?


Kimezoea madeal za shamba. Conmen operate in a pool. Once they successfully con a person, they don’t discard the contact. It goes into a pool of easy marks and gets repackaged as a financial instrument. The easier you were to con the more expensive the package you will land in.

Anyway, if you been conned once in your life via simu, SMS, Facebook, etc. It’s likely your contacts are floating around in the underground conman financial exchanges.

So yeah, she was shafted twice and probably more by land cons. Probably kajinga kako na shamba hadi zile za kilifi

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Huyu ni poster child wa corrupt land deals.

This lady probably sold her ancestral land in kisii to buy these plots. I feel for her tho


apana most likely yeye ni mwizi wa mashamba… how dumb can you be to buy land with pending cases in court twice… hapo apana

Asimame MCA 2027 serikali imemtesa sana.

She wants pity?

Btw maybe mwenye alimwitia ya mavoko pia alimpigia ati kuna deal ingine moto hapo Njiru and she rushed there like a fool. Anyways vile elders walisema. Gotta see a title na uende search. I remember going to Kajiado one time to search afew plots i wanted to buy hapo kitengela. Gave me a peace of mind

Hawa ni wale akifungua mdomo ana advice wengine “nunua shamba hata kama haina papers, kwanza hiyo ndio cheap, hiyo ingine utapanga mbele”


Anakaa Tu mkora pia with dirty money,maybe alipiga kina @FieldMarshal_CouchP Mchele in the 2000s

Ni wale hudanganyana ati mkijenga wengi hamuwezi kubomolewa

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I have a feeling that the land repossession issues we’re witnessing currently, ‘MAYBE’ a precursor to serious fight against corruption.


When having lots of “connections” comes back to bite you.