Unlucky man

There is a certain lady who hails from near my rural home. The lady is still young and endowed with good looks. But that is where it ends because the lady has an awful character. A few years ago, she decided to become a p***y seller. She has been selling her body for cash and everyone in our locality knows it. She has actually done this for a few years meaning that her mileage is humongous. Now this is what shocked me recently. I heard from someone that the lady got married. As in she is now someone’s wife. What I can’t understand is how this is possible. Two questions:

  1. Why are some men so unlucky such that they land for former prostitutes for wives.
  2. Do these harlots settle down and become good house makers?

The past is the past.

People should do some background research before getting married. In which case may be he did and is quite content. Some girls settle down.

But don’t you think that the past will haunt the couple?

But I don’t think the man knows of her dirty past. He hails from far and probably met her in the town nearest the girl’s home

Actually they do make good wives,see ii profeshen hufika mahali mtu anachoka cos ashaona na kufanya mengi so anatasaka betamale uke ako serious alafu ana settle…kuna mmoja alifanya hivo kisii now the havea serious hotel na hasumbui

Likely that she will settle down and can always deny her past. But also it could be that the man is aware of her past and has accepted it. I know a few back in ocha. 2 in my family and even though there was resistance ffrom the family, the said men walikaa ngumu.
If the man is unaware and the woman continues peddling her wares, the past will catch up with her.

wewe umedinya wangapi in your lifetime? na hao uliacha waliendelea kudinywa ,so, whats the difference btw dame amedinywa mara kwa mara ma different mjuols na dame anauza nyaus. You as a man (assuming umedinya wengi) pia wewe nikatombi tu.you have a case of double standards

You are now judging me

Judge not, lest ye be judged

Leopard cannot change its spots,very soon atapatia former clients…

Let start here: Who’s a harlot? is it possible for a man to harlot and still not be a harlot?? When did sexual organs and activity thereof became a unit of measure for society moral and individual worth?? Do you see how deeming and narrow your outlook to life is?

on point bro

So it’s ok for someone to practise prostitution and not be called out for what she is?

YAP!! you are calling them out as who?? what platform are you riding on when ‘calling out’ other being?

Ghaseer kumbaff! Gwachana na Mimi!

Who does not know that girl mtaani, high school or college who was known to be generous with her goods and now is successful and happily married?

ngoja masaibu ziandame iyo beta chieth…bado zinapiga push ups.

It happens sometimes

Atajua kunguru ni kunguru na haifugiki.