Unlocking Iphone

Who knows someone who can unlock iPhone 5s? at a reasonable cost? Thanks in advance.

Rudishia mwenyewe simu

this is my phone and I owe you no explanation why it is locked

If it is locked on iCloud and you have misplaced your icloud credentials, uza kama scrap. Ama bomoa uuze parts.

Its a new phone bought in UK and have never been used

So no network unlock?

So it is locked to a carrier?

its locked to a network/carrier

Quick fix(though not long term): Go to wifi, change the DNS settings according to your location.
here are some valid ones you can try; Nairobi Microsoft DNS Nairobi

Tap ‘back’ then go to “Activation Help”

hehehe kuna mtu analisha majeraha mahali

Anyone missing their iPhone5?

simu ya mutu imeibiwo

that is for icloud boss

Watu akili ziko vipi? amesema network lock mnasema imeibiwa ‍♂️‍♂️

nione Inbox telegram @Rasmaster nikusort… Or whatsapp 0713180210…
Ni malipo kwanzo ndio kazi ifanyike…
requirements iMEi number…
Time kufungua it depends but mostly 1-48 hrs…
Mambo straight forward if you think you cant abide pole…

and how much is it?

it depends with network kuja telegram tuongee…

or whatsapp here

will link up on whatsapp, i dont know the locked network

HIO Locked network niachie mimi ntaangalia kila kitu