Unlocking a Huawei Y5

Anyone who can help me out, recently bought A Y5 phone and have forgotten the password, I need to have it unlocked

Hard reset the damn thing…

Rudisha simu pahali uliiba. Return the phone to the person you stole it from!

Habari yako mwisi

Please keep your shit to yourself if you cannot give constructive help, am no thief I bought that phone like any other person would

Acha ujinga

Acha ujinga, I bought the phone at kero mat

Volume up + power button concurrently



frp is your next guy if you hard reset

Sounds like a firmware issue, you need to reinstall the firmware,

Install mobile uncle tools and format the phone firmware, next dowload the stock firmware and install to your phone. This process is long and tedious but results are guaranteed. Also technical knowledge is required hence if its your first time, it may take a while

Venye @nicky Adam’s amesema hapo juu ona tu venye utaflash tafta firmware yake

Juu after hard resetting you have to provide the original Google account credentials… So identify the exact model, download the correct rom(AFR) and with a laptop or desktop na flashing tool you can format it.

i have never understood how one can lock a phone and forget its password. not unless mtu akue amefunga macho

People who believe in having a unique password for each account but forgetting the fact that it should also be easy for you to remember.



this might fail in case the phone had frp. utaulizwa original email na password. just go to youtube and search how to remove frp in huawei y5

Thanks guys, I went to a backstreet fundi who sorted the phone, he only wanted a confirmation that I own the phone.