unlimited internet isnt unlimited after all

i know the title of the thread sounds daft(which i dont beleive kawambui is).
there was this know it all biatch in the staffroom today who convinced everybody that safaricom unlimited internet is capped at 4gb an assertion i argued against with all my might.
was she right?

Does Saf have unlimited internet? Waliachana na hiyo. I remember using the 200 bob/day unlimited internet around 2012.

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Ngoja kidogo kwanza: SafCom has unlimited internet?

when there was,was it capped

sina idea

It wasn’t capped. It was awesome! But waliona wataumia wakatoa hiyo plan.

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Safaricom is a scam company. I prefer Orange, although their speeds and network ni pata potea. I wish the govt would look into this issue seriously, and lay down the necessary infrastructure. Right now we’re at the mercy of cartels… There’s no good reason why we should be paying so much for bundles yet the service is so terrible.


Oranged is capped at 50GB

that means it was unlimited

then calling it unlimited should be unlawful.
it is just 50gb at that price

wake up, adam left eden

ps. i lurr u

Kwanza hio upuss yao kuniambia ati niendelee kutumia credo nipate bonus naichukia sana.ni same tu na wale jamaa wanachezesha karata pale Jack n Jill.
Naonanga mtu anaringa na bonga points namcheka akajua ile pesa ametumia


Pia zuku sio unlimited

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Meffi. Iv had zuku infinite running downloads a full month nonstop. Safaricom was unlimited but they stopped it because they said only 4% of users clog the system making the rest suffer. Watu wa torrents in short.


capped at what?
what about jamii?

Zuku is not capped. It’s a teresstial provider unlike GSM based internet providers. Maintaining those masts and all is expensive. Ndio maana wanazusha WhatsApp back riding on their infrastructure to avail calls that is their main revenue stream

running downloads a full month doesnt make it unlimited(your total downloads might not have reached the cap)

Too vodka to explain but “unlimited” is only applicable when discussing bandwidth. Not content.


Hiyo story ya maintaining masts ni excuse tu. TZ’s cellular providers offer data services at much cheaper rates than Kenyan mobile companies.

Does anyone understand how internet billing works? Does a service provider e.g. safcom buy bundles and sell them to consumers or is it limitless internet?

@kawambui, @4mb, clocked 169 GB a day, na ni vile you run out of ideas what to do next. Unapata 200 torrents all seeding. @WuTang, all telcos worldwide wanazusha.