University Strikes

Most University administrations in Kenya would rather deploy police to engage in running battles with students than listening to their woes, what’s your take guys? Do you think we will have any meaningful future with this kind of approach?

varieties are run by professors who are not necessarily good administrators.

Kenyatta University ilifungwa jana mpaka 1st Jan. 2020 na kisha wakapewa fine ya Ksh. 9,999.

Administration hawawezi kubali wao ndio wako na makosa so lazima waite polisi ndio isemekane students walikataa dialogue. They introduce oppressive policies knowing very well that it will trigger a reaction from the student body then act surprised when it does.

Student leaders have also become part of the oppression against their fellow students instead of fighting for our rights. University student leadership has effectively been neutered.

This is v sad. When I think of student leaders Babu Owino comes to my mind.

Kenyan student leaders ni mnyambo wa punda tu, they should go to Indonesia to benchmark. Over there uni students don’t fuck around

Critical thinking died in Kenyan universities. And with it, critical thought in the country. Which is why you see Kenyans jumping to whatever bs they are told by the govt. Case in point: Huduma Namba.

A pointless, waste of time and taxpayer monies for information that the government already has. Kenyans who are pissed could literally have sat down and said no. Instead they were scrambling over themselves to get the stupid thing which as it turns out is completely pointless and nothing more than a Jubilee scam.

Say what you will about Babu Owino as a national leader, but one thing will always stand true. He was an effective student leader. That “hooliganism” is the only way to face the administration, any rationality is perceived as weakness and is effectively taken advantage of right away. They push us to despair so they can take advantage of us.

The student union has become a puppet for the administration with enticement for monetary gain accompanied with vieled intimidation. They agree to policy changes without consulting the students they supposedly represent.

The biggest problem is that they introduce surprise and oppressive policies in the middle of the semester without any prior notice and expect us to just follow them without a word.

I stand with KU comrades.

Hio ya kujenga sijui fly over or foot bridge hapo nyayo doensnt make sense. Why not use the said millions to build a hostel

The saddest thing is that a bulk of the current students in our Unis are brainy but come from poor backgrounds. Just imagine what they will be upto while so idle!

I support protests by students…university admins have been targeting student union leaders with suspensions and expulsions to suppress their civic movements…right to protest and peacefully demonstrate is entrenched in our constitution

Universities have been fuckked by parallel students like @Randy …these idiots kazi yao ni kulipa fees including student activity fees bila kuulizia what’s with leadership of unis. Millions of money that are meant for university developments are looted daily na ukisimama kuulizia unapewa suspension…LET the YOUNG protest…hii kenya tungeprotest tungekuwa mbali sana…Uhuru is eating billions for breakfast na watu wametii tu:meffi::meffi:

Uislamu Indonesia inachangia pia.

there’s student protests that actually accomplish something…and then there’s kenyan student protests .a bunch of primitive primates running around throwing rocks at innocent motorists and looting …watu wavunjwe miguu na GSU ghaseer

Comrades are always right ata waseme wanataka saloon kwa uni they are right

Kondoo ni kondoo tu.

Wutang apana chezea mimi

Isn’t it peculiar that the current crop of administrators were students and student leaders in the 90s when student led revolutions actually mattered?

Power corrupts minds

The only student leader who was very active and fought for the rights of comrades was Babu Owino…

Hao wengine ni mdomo wananukisha

maumbwa kama randy ndio wamemalisa public universities