By elections, everyone will have gone on strike. What is wrong with this government? They can’t.resolve any problem with out strikes ? Anyway,tano tena.Tuendelee na strikes!


let them strike as much as they want…sisi ni tano tena



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Strikes are actually a great sign of a fledgling democracy.

Najua mungich flan hapa ndani zimekaushwa na jicho nyanya wanaumia kimya kimya ka wamenyongwa kende. Sabu juu ni mbaya ku blackmail their own fellow mungich, they decide to live with it! Sjui kama mmeona protests Za hao ma nurse pale Cendro?


Due to nurse strike even baby immunization is not taking place! Sasa surely hii gover haina huruma na watoto? Wacha zygotes wa computer fans waende na sycophancy meanwhile the country is in complete disarray! Wameuza inchi kwa ching chong. Uzuri wen its tym2suffer we will all suffer including hawa supporters wa chupilee na kumera kumera Yao. Wasee wa Jubilee wako tuu - kumera kumera kama thiraku - birthday edition! Meanwhile hata vaccine ya mtoto ni shida! Lecturers wamiss classes! Tano tena adu a nyumba ya Mumbi. Let us not hear u complain about inflation n strikes coz ni nyinyi mulisema tano tena alafu mukaumera umera! Hii route tuko sio poa. I shudder to imagine a hustler presidency, u strike, ur leader is assassinated! Manze Moi era is creeping back into Kenya while muko busy kumera kumera na tano tena. Mungu atusaidie.the future luks blink with this kind of leadership. Hata after kusign CBA they don’t implement. Forcing workers to resume strike.Bure kabisa hii sirkal.


Health is a devolved function. The National govt only deals with policy. The strike has been on even before the last election and given that the chair of CoG is ODM vice chair and the chair of the CoG health committee is also a key ODM stalwart, what have they done to deal with the strike? And the strike has been declared as illegal by the courts, it cant be forcing them back to work if the decision to call the strike itsel is void ab initio.


Why are the governors who want to implement CBA like Sang -NandI saying theyre only awaiting a go ahead/harmonization from Nrb? Even Panyako himself talks about National govt! What is national govt role then if health is devolved.

Sawa. Wembe ni ule ule. Taxes zikibiwa inayoa raia bila kubagua. Thats why it never gets to me coz I know Jubilee/NASA, raia wote we are in the same boat. Wen inflation is up/business is down/funds are misappropriated, its across the board. U wont be immune bcz uli umera umera!


thankyou for the truth. Coming from someone from mt. Kenya confirms that we are being effd the same way no matter where you originate from.

Its a tired babuon tactic, it failed 8/8 and it will fail on my name sake’s birthday:D:D
Tano tena!:D:D

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Hehehe …asante sana lakini wangu is my designated driver always:D:D:D