University Education in Kenya

Q: How many univerisities do we have in Kenya?1
A: 6

Q: What about KeMU, MKU, Strathmore, Kabianga, Kibabii, Kirinyaga, MMUST, Daystar, USIU, CUEA etc?
A: You didn’t write their names in bold so I guess not even you take them very seriously enough.

how much wealth ( not acquired thru corruption ) do Graduate from the 6 institutions control ?

There was a time when Strathmore was like the Oxford of Kenya, although it was a college then. Doing your CPAs there and finishing was more prestigious than getting it from anywhere else.

Hii @Kalenjin101 waliinyambia hawalipi ma lecturer, job progression based on the tribe you come from etc. Looted and fuccked. So it cant be a university

I would rather rank a university based on quality of teaching, research capacity, influence of its research ( patents, citations…generally, how its research is influencing the world or how its directly affecting mankind…I would then look at how much income some of its faculties are able to raise…I would also pay attention at the alumni contributions…then finally I would look at industry income or incase of Kenya, employability of its alumni. Lastly, International outlook or reputation of a university is crucial. A simple question, would you be comfortable if a graduate doctor from KEMU was to perform an open heart surgery on you? How many scientists from Mt Kenya University are currently working with, say, ILRI, KEMRI or ICIPE?

I rate technicals higher than the rest.

Curriculum ya Grade 7 and 8 in China and Japan is equivalent to curriculum ya 2nd and 3rd year University in Bonobostan.

BSc Electronics mkisoma MOSFET na PNP transistors Second Year hiyo ni Kisomo ya Grade 7 Uchina

There are some private universities in kenya where organizations literary set up camp huko to get employees, the employ-ability rate of some of those universities is very high, as a parent it might just be better if you save some cash and have your kid go to a private university in kenya especially when it comes to job opportunities.

Jana wamebebadilisha guard, to give it a ‘national face’

Kama gani