Universal Soldier

The movie sequel portrayed a time in future where dead soldiers are ‘ressurected’ and reprogrammed into cyborgs or computerized machines which can be controlled from a database. Is there a possibility of such happening in future? Could there be already a few such in countries with advanced technologies?

Ngumu sana, robots with AI are very likely the future. ebu tafuta YouTube video ya Spot from Boston dynamics. Very intelligent robot

Vile unadai hivyo jana nili google predictions of what the world will be like in the future…noma msee…sijui kama dunia inaget worse or better…but some of that stuff sioni kama itafanyika afrika…sisi ni analogue bado…but what you just suggested sioni ikifanyika…iko included kwa hizo predictions by the way…halafu pia ati marriage itakuwa replaced na one year coupling contracts.

I will check up that stuff for sure

Marriage in the western world has already gone contractual

Funny how minute ideas come out of that pea headed brain of yours. Muuujiinga wewe

Sina ink just google predictions for the future…anzia hapo.


wazungu hunishangaza ati ume divorce mara sita, why marry in the first place ? operate like africans piga dem ball na muishi

Financial reasons