Universal Modem

Anyone who has ever used one?Is it reliable and which brand would you recommend?

What dyu mean by universal? One that can be used across different networks?

Tafuta Huawei 4g mifi



Just get any branded or generic 4G mifi, for reliable ones cost starts from 3 - 4k.

4-5k depending on your bargain powers

Try this one, i’ve used it and was very impressed with the speeds i got, it doesn’t have wifi though.

I bought it for Ksh 1500

Bei naona ni 2400 hio ya 1500 nitoe wapi?

I bought it in some shop along Luthuli
Prices vary depending on where you buy it.

sasa what’s the use if it doesn’t have wifi

Speeds ni ngapi?

I’m an eth0 diehard, i rarely do wifi, i have safaricom home fibre and my wifi is usually switched off unless i have friends visiting.

I used to get a steady (1-1.5mbps Telkom), over 2mbps(Safaricom), but depends with the network coverage in your area.