United Kingdom is dilapilated

The walls are worn out and dire of resurfacing but the Master is busy pouring money to Ukrain.

Same thing in Sodom and Gomorah. Trillions in debt but Chinese are light years ahead in terms of infrastructure

Wear and tear, huge infrastructure programs require huge budgets to maintain and repair. Wait untill we start doing major repairs to SGR and the 10,000km of roads constructed by Uhuru.
Chinese infrastructure will be in the same predicament years down the line.

Huwezi elewa

Chunga sana wasikupate, wannabe elites huita kuchapa rustic na kusota minimalism.

Sisi kama NAFO we are willing to make sacrifices in the war against Putler. Lazima mabeberu warudishwe kwao Siberia

All is vanity

Combined GDP of

South Korea

$25.7 trillion

GDP of the United States: $26 trillion

The only thing that is finished is your fishmongering

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Ni rustic actually…uk most councils don’t allow any modification of exterior to preserve the look so mtu unaunda tu interior ukitaka kufanya decor ya hao

UK hauezi modify or repair nje unless italead to collapse… most councils want to keep that look…ndani inaeza kuwa modern af but nje wachana nayo

Hapo sawa for respecting Xi

Why don’t you sacrifice ukuje Langata nikumalize you day as a martyr for your Gaylord in Washington.

you day ndio nini sasa? Unaona ubaya ya kukataa shule?