United Africa

[SIZE=5]Think of a united Africa[/SIZE]
[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)][FONT=arial]It can create a strong bloc
More opportunities
Great impact in international affairs
More trade (Over $5 trillion)
Add more points we see how lack of unity cost us. [/FONT]

  1. Western won’t let it happen
  2. African themselves won’t let Africa be unified. Imagine going to live in satafrica with those crazy murders.

Africa needs to heal it’s internal issues first before we unify otherwise hii ni ndoto. Kenya to deal with tribalism, Nigeria deal with fraud, Rwanda deal with inferiority complexes, Tanzanian stop being over suspicious, uganda… …

Didn’t you see what happened to Libya leader Colonel Muamar Gadaffi when he moved to bring unity in West Africa? Watch the news

It happened because we as Africans aren’t united. If we usually speak in one voice, we are very strong.

We are not united but when we attempt to be united someone comes in and kills the uniter. Gadaffi, Tom Mboya, Tom Sankara, Steve Biko etc etc
Becoming United is something that takes time and the enemy knows that. The enemy’s survival depends on our dysfunctional state. So it is in his best interest to keep disrupting any attempts to come together.