Unit Trusts and other Similar Investments

Hello guys. I’m looking for a stress free investment that will require next to zero input. I’ve found unit Trusts to fall under such. How are the interest rates on these things? Has anyone tried them?

UAPOLDMUTUAL 0711010800…call that number you will get the best rates ever, also Cyntonn 0709 101000…its stress free…thank me later…find time and search the threads…it has been discussed so many times…unasumbua watu boss!!

*480# …old mutual i-invest. Works fine for me.

Old mutual is my recommendation

They have a conventional Money Market Fund, kindly check it out…FAULU fixed accounts offers the best rates with the shortest ever term of 2months at 9.5%…ingia website yao…FAULU is under UAPOLDMUTUAL by the way!!

See the Daily Nation. Every day they publish the rates offered by various money market funds. Some have had a consistently high returns. Choose from these. I suggest Sanlam or CIC. Also consider one backed by a strong insurance company or bank.
Basically you can use a money market fund as your savings plan instead of zero interest idle cash in bank and have regular or monthly contributions.
Also the fund can be your emergency fund or a place to hold cash awaiting to invest it.

Dont waste your money buying unit trusts. Do what unit trusts do with your money. Invest it on your own. You cut out the middle man.