Unidentified Missile hit Egypt


Sounds more of a false flag ops

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Not even the Egyptians are willing to admit their brothers from Palestine. Yet folks here are claiming how much of a victim they are.

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Second time Egypt has been hit. Chess games are on

Egypt ni waoga

They receive several $$ Billions in military aid from US yearly, just like Israel. So lazima wacheze chini

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Hio rocket must be from homosexuals USA to remind them about their birrions dollar payments to the army. Egyptians wameshikwa macengary na USA

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Egypt and Jordan have faced Israel in 3 major Wars

Every time they lost lives and territory …
They decided to go back to the path of Peace and got ALL their territory back.
The USA added a “sweetener” by giving them Military and Economic Aid …

They will NOT be fighting any Wars triggered by Iranians and their militants Hezbollah , Islamic State , Hamas and Yemeni Houthis

Iran and its thugs are on their own
Even Putin and China are sitting out on this one … :slightly_smiling_face:

bribes to keep the peace, and thats why they will always have military governments

Guka fiden alisahau kufinya pause :pause_button: ikaenda Kwa :arrow_forward:

Egypt walikuwa na kimbelembele sana in 1967 but Ile kichapo walipata walimea akili. Their airpower was destroyed and they had to rebuild, not an easy route.
I see how this time they are simping for Yues and Israhiiiil.