Unicorn amakove wala

Amakove wala, naona ame advertise soft meat, but we all know unicorns don’t exist

Lazima kukue na kasoro ama ni lanye

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Abit curvy =fat like Truman kaput


Following amakochieth is gaaay

I just discovered her today, after her twiter controversy, which was posted today, going through her page made me puke, it’s like Truman kaput reincarnate

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A bit curvy ni code ya



Yenyewe hii ni Abit curvy, not too much curvy


What’s her controversy. I know she does hook ups


What a bitch

She says she has no kids up there? But the guy says she had two kids. In fact he picked them up in school. Which is which.

Eish. Huelewi. That first screenshot is an advertising service she runs on facebook. She charges women to advertise their availability. What those women don’t understand is that men don’t look for relationships. Especially not online. Men look for sex. After sex, the woman’s behaviour will decide whether she’ll get a relationship or not.

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