Unicaf Online Degree: Your Thoughts?

Peleka hiyo positive vibes and talk kwa wamama wenzako

What is unicaf in full?

It’s straightforward as @CLIENT508 has pointed out. I don’t know what criteria they use but I don’t think there’s anything special to it.

Shukran sana. If I had the money, I wouldn’t think twice.

University of NICosia AFrica I gather. I’d actually thought it was affiliated to the UN in some way at first.


I would have gone for the the MSc in cyber security which is still developing. Only Strath ans USIU have a course in cyber security but are being offered a boot camp basis.

I know this entity. They had given me a scholarship to pursue human resource management back in 2017. But I never followed. They called severally but I guess they gave up. Why not go for the MSc in cyber security?

I suppose what I’m looking for is to understand the theory of Computer Science and relate it to what I’ve been doing. I also feel inadequate in DSAs and the like. Plus, I reckon I can pick up Cyber Security later pretty easily if I have a good foundation in CS. My thinking.

Correct. CS is expansive relative to Cyber security.

Sawa chairman wa ile kamati ingine.