Unicaf Online Degree: Your Thoughts?

I recently qualified for a Masters degree scholarship with Unicaf at a university of my choosing. Having gone through the available options and considering where my heart lies, I’m thinking of choosing an MSc in Computer Science over one in Cyber-security.

That said, I’m aware of the current situation in the tech world - it’s about what you can do not what you know. And considering how dynamic the space is, this casts a long shadow of doubt on how relevant I will be to the industry by the time I’m done (about three years from now).

The reason why I feel I should get one in CS is that I’m a self-taught developer. I feel I’m missing something - some structure and how to approach the whole industry. With AI getting better by the day, I’m not sure my present knowledge and skills will cut it in a few years to come. Been at it for about 3 years but and only worked full time for two of those.

I have 3 languages under my belt (all scripting languages). I’m presently between jobs and having to get by any jobs I can land online.

Wadau, is it worthwhile getting that online degree? They’re offering to pay 78% of my fees but even raising the remaining 22% will take me time (though I’m aware they do provide flexible payment plans).

Frankly, without a masters, I’d feel like I’d be trying to wing it in tech and life in general because I can’t think of a career outside tech but with one, I may have a better shot at landing a worthwhile job in future. Call it an employee mentality and whatnot but this would give me more leverage than the chumz and experience I’d gain working on simple Fiverr tasks.

I’m confused guys. Do you think it’d be a worthy investment?

You asked yourself a question and answered it.

Doesnt even make sense In this context.

If it makes you feel betetr and confident, an online course in DSA will make you a better programmer. You seem to be suffering from some self-trust issues. 2 years in any field is long enough to make you a professional


How much is this 22%??

Stop with the self doubt. You cam make it if you want. If you are strictly going for the degree juu ya increment, I assure you everything you will be taught therein is available elsewhere online. If it was a course that would need your physical presence, I would have encouraged because of connections.

My Two Cents. Go for that Cybersecurity. Every nigga and his mom will be able to code ina few years time but there will always be need for secuity from hackers and whatnot.

Good question

I just want to understand why the hell I have to reverse a linked list when I’m told to.

It’s about 150Gs. Payable over 6 months or so (I’ll have to confirm this though)

Thanks but this goes for anything in life. Ignores a lot however.

They might even not know how to code but be able to develop applications with no-code tools. Kinda like how we no longer have to worry about garbage collection nowadays.

Sound advice though. I’m as interested in CS as I am in CyberSec, but I feel like with a Masters in CS, I can pick up the other far easily.

150Gs or thereabouts. I could try and raise it over several months but seeing that I’m a bona fide peasant, I’d have to amass way more than that to make sure I can get by over the 3 years the course will take.

Nope. Kila kitu iko online for less than $10

:smiley: The prospects of getting a foot on the door let alone landing the job itself with a Udemy or Coursera, I’m not sure you can compare those with those of having an Msc from a UK uni.

Its about what you can do, not where you came from

its 300k.

use that money to do your masters in finland

Haha… that would take me a couple of years to save unless I happen to come by a windfall. I’m not quite following by the way. Is the 300K the amount I’m supposed to pay (the 22%)? Have you received an offer from them too?

They said the cost would cost about 700K and they’d be paying about 78% of it.

Umewaisoma “Elements of computing systems” by Noam Nisan?
I don’t know about computer science much but apparently that book helps people build computers from scratch and understand the overall flow

Enda mygermanuniversity.com apply course some hepa ruto wako

Wewe acha zako…from what the guy has written he is talking from a point of getting into the corporate world of IT…huko bila papers hakuna mlango utaingia…I have a gig at a certain financial institution and the funny thing is watu wa degree ndio wako na job and the institution outsources technical stuffs from skilled guys from organisations that special in such areas the funniest thing is that those degree guys are paid 4 times the money this outsourced guys earn

Hizi maneno huwa online na from motivation speakers ingia ground na hizo courses zako za online

When I talk about going for online courses, huwa namaanisha you already have some sort of degree

Si ungereply to kwa iyo ya kwanza. So ii story unasema inakuanga to ya motivational speakers, yet kwa that very same ground zi know so many niggas that sat down and did their stuff and all of them have active gigs. When I advocate for a specific causes, sio guesswork but things I have personally seen

Na reply vile nataka :D…nilikuwa nishareply before coming across your other comment

Computing systems and Computer Science are two different disciplines, from the little I know. Thanks anyways. I might learn something relevant.

Can you offer advice on how you got the scholarship,there is a msc course i am interested in, being offered at some University in East London

It’s simple. They give everyone a scholarship. Just go to unicaf website and fill a contact form

Layman hapa hata mkinitusi ni sawa.

Now during lock down niliapply ka online course to keep my brain working and in my humble opinion online courses ni upuzi…hata kama ni course gani i prefer environment ya shule…and for case ya op ya computer science kama ni mimi na enroll kuenda shule nikae darasani na my lecturers and fellow students tufanye this technical course together as we build each other a.k.a synergy.

Halafu kama unaweza op…enda usome nothing wrong with acquiring new skills and knowledge or updating what you have…its what elders always support in this here mighty jiji…weh ndio makmende…saka hio doh enda shule kama ukona hio desire. Hio desire uko nayo ndio everything.

Usichoke usikufe moyo. Jah bless.