Ungrateful relative

Elders like how much are signatories/witnesses in land sale transaction supposed to be paid? Is it 1% 2% 5% ama ngapi?

Boys amestruggle for months to get a buyer wa shamba. Antaka kujenga hao na he has been cash trapped so ameamua kuwachilia shamba kiasi. Amestruggle sana kupata mtu. Nikaulizia ulizia and finally nikapata deal poa. 2.8M. ni close relative so it didn’t have to look like am a broker so it’s a gentleman agreement. Out of 2.8M aninitumia 13k kwa mpesa.

Elders nireverse?

pesa ya matharau … reverse it
A 3% commision is standard for land transactions I have witnessed
hii yako ni 0.46%

You must discuss your “cut” pre-purchase

13k out of 2.8 hiyo ni matharau, but there is nothing you can do hapo. Last year nilitafutia relative buyer plot ya 1.3 million, nilichukua my 100k as tulikuwa tumeagree before kuanza kazi


Madharau kubwa sana, na vile ameinsist kunipigia simu

I don’t think signatories are paid.
But your case is different because you linked him to the buyer making you a broker of sorts. Angekupatia something between 5-10% as commission.

Kuna nugu alispend 700k on a land deal, he came to me to fake documents sales agreement plus cheques et al to present to some board… i made it appear he spent 2million… nugu ilinipa 2k… shamelessly… just told him to go put it up his azz… kuna watu hapa inje greedy and selfish to the core. I still have copies of the documents… there times i feel like sending them out to that NGO.

Signatories/witnesses lazma wawachiwe kitu boss. Angenipea hata Soo moja ningeshukuru…I just feel wasted


Why make it appear 2m yet that will attract more stamp duty?

Hakuna story za stamp duty… he bought the land put it in his name, instead of the CBO he runs, plus he got funding to the tune of 2.3 mil for the land but he spent 700k… so the Major NGO that sponsors his efforts wanted copies of all payments plus agreements. Hard copies of title plus payments.

There was no agreement that you were brokering the sale. I think he had told you to ask around, which you did because he is your relative. I believe you were just mentioning to friends, without caring whether the buyer will be found or not.

The way I see it, you are just envious he got a good price for the piece of land and now you wish to get a portion of the money yet there was no agreement. Ni ile unambianga mtu ‘‘ukisikia mtu anataka shamba mwambie ninauza’’.

That you should have charged upfront and good amount because it was a criminal activity. Conmen and thieves are very mean people

Lesson learned… but i am going to strike him when he least expects since he still works with that NGO… walai nitatuma hizo documents via a burner email address.

He already knows you are the only person with them, mind your security especially because it is something threatening his livelihood.

Ndekwe wewe sio mjanja kweli. Hapo unaambia mtu shamba umepata mteja na anatoa 1.8, unaweka Yako 1m alafu unapata bado cut Yako kwa hio 1.8. maybe he assumed ulikula zako za macho

Envious aje na Mimi ndio nililobby hiyo 2.8. he was willing to take 2.5. I thought he would give back something worth it kumbe ni madharau tut

Watu wengi wakiuza shamba huwa hawafanyi kitu ya maana na hio pesa.

You want a commission from your relative? Kwani hii tamaa ya pesa imemufikisha wapi? Yaani huwezi saidia mtu wenu without demanding a payment? You should be ashamed of yourself.