Unga ya 90pop iko wapi wekasa anauliza..


Just feel played… After all that stock of maize flour i bought at a higher price only 2 days later the government comes up with this subsidy…

not more than those who had prepared to ride on the wave of hunger to glory…ni kama team mbili kuingia uwanjani only for the ref to deflate the ball…

:D:D leo nikiziona mahali nitakamata ten packets if they allow. kwangu stock ndio inaisha

as you cry… oh bei ya unga , Spaniards are bathing in tomatoes…


jana nilinunua ka kg kamoja ka soko at ksh 85! nilijisemea kwa roho wacha tu wewe shopkeeper unidryfry leo kesho nanua 2kg for ksh 90 biiiitch :D:D:D hoping afco waiteremshe further!

Hehehehe!!! Damage is already done!!!

Mimi nili shiava unga early this year, na nika mix na ya kishiagi ile ya no 1…so sija kua na stress

Niko sure it the 90 shilling flour will be dispensed on Sunday by the millers so as to allow retailers to sell all their stock.

Can’t relate I only consume my local kisiagi product only.

ni ya Leo ni ya Leo bei ya jioni…
ama namna gani my frens…

There is a country that also does the same with grapes…

hehe people have so much tomatoes hadi kuna surplus ya kuchezea

Because wanainchi don’t that this is Ruto’s scheme to sell cheap maize to millers and then throw them a few more billion in subsidies for kickbacks. Then you will see him flying in choppers, and throwing around millions and old stooches like you, who should know better, will be singing his praise. Old sycophants like you are the worst, it sad seeing an old bugger who went through life without learning anything about politricks.

Hostess imeshuka? asking for jimmy m.

haha hiyo unga ukipikia mlunje sijui atakula packet ngapi ndio ashibe

Naona kama Hio shelf life ni kidogo sana