The things some people do …
How on earth would you do something like this to your Partner … ???









If you find yourself at a point where you do not want a relationship anymore …
Why not just walk away …???

Shenzi Kabisa …


Wapi culprit? Tunajuaje labda aliangukia bike or she had a car accident ? Hmmm? What’s the back story aiseh?

Hio macho

ameharibu nyama sana

Left hook boss, he never saw it coming:D:D:D

Discipline is sometimes vital to these irrational beings

babe kwani you beat up your wife?

Jamaa alikua anamuuma.

Stop defending this social evil …!!

No I spank hoes only @wigsplita

ni left hook ama right hook?
ni kama ameflip picha accidentally or intentionally

anyway, sheng ni mbaya banae
mtu aliambiwa dem akikukataa, basi nyonga
hakujua maana ya nyonga

Monsieur musyii am not @WIGSPLITTA and pls respect women dont call us hoes its rude honestly ok mai lav

If she was guilty, she will justify this and go back to ‘her man’ because he ‘beat her out of the love he has for her.’ Talk to women utashangaa sana. Hii hata si mbaya.

Most likely south African maguys huko hawatambui ladies …this is the norm
And yes she will still go back to him
Notice how in the pictures the injuries are from different periods

Equal rights equal fights

bibi malaya apigwe

Yea he finally killed her, some South African ANC top honcho tenderprenuer…he hasn’t been arrested yet.

Simple Question :

What would YOU feel if someone did this to your Sister or Mother … ???

Hautani guilt trip ekse:D . Not my circus not my monkey