Unfit to hold public office

When i joined one of the three arms of government, it was customary for a new recruit to be given a small booklet titled ‘Code of Regulations’. Famously known within government circles as the C.O.R. The idea was one had to master it so that you know how to behave, and conduct yourself both in or outside the workplace.

One of the interesting knowledge i gained from the rather boring book, was the phrase or principle: “Pecuniary Embarassment”

What it meant was that you are deemed to have pecuniary embarrassed the government if by your conduct or speech, you have done something that associates the government with negativity.

it could be anything, like lacking 50shs in your pocket …or being unkept or chokosh like @Steelo

The repercussion for pecuniary embarrassing the government or in my words ‘kukunia serekali’ could even be dismissal

unfit to hold public office

I am drawn to this memory when i see people in authority flaunting their power in tea-cups. In there eyes, they captain a ship in the ocean, but I see a cup. They do it with so much carelessness, that it actually insults their titles.

Like a doctor that i am in everything shitty, i only desire to have a confirmation done on the density of their mental faculties to ascertain if,

they are fit to hold public office


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Niaje Bingwa? Nimeona venye handle yako mpya inamaanisha hapa
Nashuku wewe ni msee poa sana in real life but unataka kujichocha kuwa e-thug online in shemale form.

For anti-click brigade…of which I am a member, content hapo chini.

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The word is unkempt not unkept dumbass