Unferkingbelievable, Kenya isimame nishuke, National Peace Day kitu gani???

Parliament has received a petition seeking to make March 9, the day President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga shook hands on the steps of Harambee House, a national peace day.

and those morons we elected watapitisha

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so if elected mps are morons what about those who elected them?? Tutawaita Nani… :D:D

Where does one go to renounce their citizenship… I want to be a Kajingastanian coz that’s what’s Kenya has become,Kajingastan

There is no way a donkey will ever sire a zebra…morons elected the smarter morons. Simple.

great question,
Vile @Motokubwa atasema

This is ridiculously funny.


ION today KRA is celebrating annual taxpayers day.
I got an invite on my email :mad:

You are one of them eh? Who keep the morons in place?
But community leaders lead by example… I understand

Mutheu, call @Okwonkwo

honor it

Using tax payers money?

Half of my relatives are Ugandans na huko pia ni shida afadhali Kenya.

Nani amesema nataka kwenda kuwa Long Horned Ankole Cow?

:smiley: No fuckin way.
Those tax agents can see right through your pocket and I am tapped out.


This is effing stupid! They can shove that day where it came from…

Have you ever tried reasoning with voters? :D:D:D

I assume so.